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Features :
  • In Place of Apron Belts, We Use Stainless Steel Plate.

  • Different From Other Systems With Stainless Steel Plates Our Systems Have Positively Drive Roller Closed to The Plates to Avoid Web Sagging and Lapping of Web the Crush Rollers.

  • Our System Having Automatic Tilting Arrangement When the Card Runs at Slow Speed Our System Will be Go Down and a Position Horizontal That When the Doffer Go to Gigh Speed the Pneumatic Cylinder is Actuated and The System Go to Up Side and a Vertical Position Automatically. When the Doffer Slows Speed the System Will be Again Go Down the Horizontally.

  • Our System Can be Worked Without Any Compromise in The Quality With Natural Fiber Like Cotton and Man Made Fiber Like Viscose, Polyester and Acrylic.
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