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PRODUCTS:- High Production and Standard Model Cot Grinding Machine

Long Cot Grinding In Between Center

Center Less Attachment
Features :
  • Buffing of Top Roller is On Abrasion Method.

  • Surface Finish of Cots After Grinding Gives R.A. Value of 0.2 to 0.5 Depensing on The Quality of Cots.

  • Automatic Traverse With The Help Hydraulic Pressure.

  • Centerless Grinding Attachment Having Double Roller System.

  • Cylindrical Drum Emery Having Width of 200 mm.

  • Desired Pressure on Arbour While Fringing With Centerless Attachment Can be Set.

  • Self Retracting And Roller Bearing Mounted Tail Stock.

  • Automatic Timer Provided For Setting Grinding Time. Accuracy After Grinding Taper - 0.01 mm Eccentricity - 0.01 mm.

  • Highly Efficent Dust Extraction Unit Provide Separately All Values Obtained on This Machine Are as Per Highest International Standards.

  • Production : 250 to 400 Arbours Per Hour For Ring Frame & Speed Frame.
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